Step By Step Puzzle Lv.3 - In the Garden

SKU : DPPE1003-3

SKU : DPPE1003

ISBN: 9781781871010

Product Features

  • About the Puzzles

   These puzzles are prepared based on each level of difficulty and age. There is a total of 5 levels, and the number of pieces for each puzzle increases as the children progress accordingly (from a total of 2 pieces to 96 pieces).

  • Uniquely Designed

   These puzzles include a wide range of topics that will stimulate children's minds and improve their visual skills. Each puzzle is uniquely designed to enable children to sort, classify and assemble.

  • Durably Designed

    Each puzzle piece is sturdily made and does not tear easily. The size and thickness of each piece is just right for little hands. 

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