Exploring Grammar Book 4

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ISBN 9789810986889

Title Exploring Grammar Book 4

Type Workbook Primary


Exploring Grammar is a series of multi-level English grammar workbooks for young learners. The series combines informative content that strongly focuses on grammar and vocabulary within an easy-to-understand structure. Each of the workbooks is written to suit the learning needs of a specific age group and ability range. From the early level to the upper level, language skills are developed and practised through clear vocabulary and point-by-point grammar presentations as well as graded exercises. 

- Grammar Tips

- Grammar Exercises

- Common Errors

- A series based on different age levels of our young learners!

Each lesson in the workbook provides:

- Explanations on the grammar item taught

- Exercises for the specific age level

- Straightforward example sentences

- Examples of common grammatical errors


Mine, Yours, His, Hers, Ours, Theirs

Has / Have, Having

The Simple Past Tense

The Simple Present Tense

Adverbs (I)

Adverbs (II)

Questions (I)

Questions (II)

Prepositional Phrases

The Three Seasons, Numbers in Words


The Simple Future Tense

Will / 'll Will not / Won't

Purpose (I)

Purpose (II)

Direct / Indirect Speech

Superlative Forms of Adjectives

How many / much? How old / tall? How often?, etc.

Comparison of Adverbs

Simile / As ... As



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