My Preschool World Phonics Activity Book 5

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ISBN 9789830065915

Title My Preschool World Phonics Activity Book 5

Type Activity Book Preschool 


A Phonics Programme for Preschoolers

  • A well-structured phonics programme provides a solid foundation for children to achieve good reading proficiency.
  • Phonics develops children’s skills in decoding words through sounding out letters and letter combinations.
  • Varied activities in the activity and enrichment books enable children to develop and strengthen reading and writing skills.
  • My Preschool World Phonics series consists of six readers, six activity books and two sticker enrichment books.


  • Hard sound c, soft sound c
  • Hard sound g, soft sound g
  • al
  • aw
  • ore
  • ow (as in arrow)
  • Let’s Revise!
  • oe
  • ew
  • ue, ui
  • au
  • y (at the end of disyllabic words)
  • Let’s Revise!
  • ie (as in field)
  • ey (as in hockey)
  • y (at the end of three-letter words)
  • ir
  • ur
  • Let’s Revise!

Year of Publication 2015

Size W 19 x H 26 cm 

Pages 32 

Paper Bond Paper 80 gsm 

Colour 2c 

Pelangi Publishing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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