Nursery Buddies Maths Activity Book 2

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Title Nursery Buddies Maths Activity Book 2

Type Activity Book Preschool


  • Nursery Buddies Maths allows children to recognise and practise counting numbers as well as learning basic mathematics.
  • Clear number with tracing lines
  • Dotted number in the shape of the item helps children recognise and write the number effectively.
  • his series consists of Nursery Buddies English, Nursery Buddies Maths and Nursery Buddies Science. Each subject comes with two main books and two activity books.
  • Nursery Buddies series helps stimulate interest in learning and build 21s century skills.
  • The books of this series also help develop Higher Order Thinking Skills

(HOTS) which are thought processes that go beyond memorisation of facts. They require more complicated thought processes.


Unit 1 To School

-             Revise numbers 1 to 5

-             Things that come in pair

-             Number 6

Unit 2 Happy Birthday!

-             Long and short

-             More and less

-             Number 7

Unit 3 Going Shopping

-             Things that go together

-             Number 8

Unit 4 Going to the Farm

-             Patterns

-             Number 9

-             Number 10

Let's revise!

Year of Publication 2024

Size W 21 x H 29.7 cm (A4)

Weight - g

Pages 24

Paper Bond Paper 80 gsm

Colour 2c


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