Nursery Buddies English - Reader 2

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Nursery Buddies English Reader 2

Code 9789672856375

Title Nursery Buddies English Reader 2

Type Textbook Nursery


Learning the alphabet is made fun and easy with Nursery Buddies! This series use big & colorful illustrations to help young children learn & write the small letters of the alphabet.

  • For ages 3-4
  • Stimulate interest in learning
  • Strengthen fine motor skills
  • Build 21st century skills
  • Build language skills
  • Develop Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)
  • Attractive Sticker in the main books


  • n-p
  • Let’s Revise
  • q-s
  • Let’s Revise
  • t-v
  • Let’s Revise
  • w-z
  • Let’s Revise

Year of Publication 2022

Size W 21 x H 29.7 cm (A4)


Colour 4c

Pelangi Publishing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

สำนักพิมพ์ เพอลังอิ พับลิชชิ่ง (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด

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