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Magic Phonics with Essential Grammar boxed set comes with a Smart Pen. Featuring crucial components in helping a child to learn how to read,

the set introduces step-by-step resources to help a child progress in learning to master letter-sound relationships.

The set ensures fast and fun early learning of phonics and helps to build reading confidence.

Magic Phonics Sing Along

This sing along book exposes children to the sounds of letters a-z through songs. With easy-to-sing songs and fun movements to mimic, children will easily remember how a letter sounds like through listening to the songs repeatedly.

Magic Phonics Readers 1 to 4

These four core readers are an essential prerequisite to reading success. They contain all the basics of phonics that a child should grasp at an early age. These are the sounds covered by the four readers:

  1. the sounds of the 26 letters of the alphabet
  2. words ending with an, at, ap, am, ag, et, en, ed, eg, in, og, op, ot, ub, up and ug
  3. words with initial consonant blends cl, fl, pl, cr, dr, fr, pr, st; words with final consonant blends st, ft, mp, sk, lt, nd, nt, lk; words with digraphs ck, nk, ng, ch, th, sh; words with final double consonants ll, ss
  4. words with long vowel sounds ee, ea, ai, ay, oa, silent e; words with the short and long oo soundswords with the or, all, ar sounds; words with diphthongs oi, oy, ow, ou

Little Phonics Readers

This collection of twelve readers introduces beginning readers to illustrated stories that will make learning letter sounds fun and easy.

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