Phonics Planet Reader 6

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Phonics Planet Reader 6

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Title Phonics Planet Reader 6

Type Reader Preschool or Primary


A Phonics Programme for Students

  • Phonics develops children's skills in decoding words through sounding letters and letter combinations.
  • Phonics helps children hear, identify and use different sounds that distinguish one word from another in the English language.
  • The contents of the six readers, read by a native speaker, are presented in the form of animations. Just scan the QR code on the cover of each reader.
  • Varied activities in the activity and enrichment books enable children to develop and strengthen reading and writing skills.
  • Phonics Planet series consists of six readers, six activity books and two sticker enrichment books.


er (as in herb), ph, wh

are (as in square), air (as in chair), ear (as in hear), ear (as in learn)

Let's Revise!

ear (as in bear), mb (silent b), kn (silent k), wr (silent w), igh (silent gh)

Let's Revise!

dge, tch, er (as in letter) el, le

Let's Revise!

Year of Publication 2022

Size W 21 x H 29.7 cm (A4)

Weight - g

Pages 32 

Paper Bond Paper 80 gsm 

Colour 4c 

Special Feature

Simply scan the QR codes on the cover of each reader for watching the animations to learn the sounds of letters and letter combinations

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