The Hungry Giant Panda

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ISBN 9789830088860

Series Animal Story World

Title The Hungry Giant Panda

Type English Story Book นิทานภาษาอังกฤษ

Category Science & Maths

Age 5 & above


Our world is bestowed with many animals that are unique in their own. But sadly, of these animals are in danger of becoming extinct. The main causes of animals becoming endangered are the loss of habitat, illegal hunting and pollution. This series is specially created to raise awareness in little children about animals that are endangered. Having knowledge about them is the first step towards saving them. As children grow up, they will understand the need to help protect these animals. The captivating illustrations and engaging text will make this series an interesting read.

Special features

Includes QR codes that are linked to videos showing the real animals 

Size W 9.8 inch H 9.8 inch

Pages 32

Colour 4C

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