Focus Smart Plus Maths Textbook M2

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ISBN 9786165413138

Title Focus Smart Plus Mathematics Textbook Mathayom 2

Type Textbook Mathayom


  • Based on the Basic Education Curriculum B.E. 2551 (Revised Edition B.E. 2560)
  • Both Textbooks & Workbooks are available.
  • Free Teacher's Guldes and Answer Keys are provided.
  • QR Quiz, an interactive exercise that stimulates students' interests is included.
  • Enhancing students' creative and critical thinking skills

Key Features

  • Comprehensive (Covers all the chapters required by the curriculum.)
  • Organized (Various exercises planned systematically to help students to acquire the skills taught.)
  • Functional (Provides notes to introduce students to mathematical concepts and gives examples to guide students on the application of the concepts.)
  • Examination oriented (Offers plenty of exercises for students to assess their own understanding of mathematical concepts and to boost their confidence to face examinations.)
  • Visual Info (Presents short notes in diagrammatic form to help students do quick revision.)
  • Critical & Creative (Stimulates critical and creative thinking among students and develops intelligent students.)


  • Exponential Notation
  • Real Numbers
  • Polynomials
  • Solving Quadratic Polynomial Equations
  • Pythagoras' Theorem
  • Surface Areas and Volumes of Prisms and Cylinders
  • Parallel Lines and Angles
  • Transformations
  • Congruence
  • Mean and Data Presentation
  • Geometrical Constructions

Year of Publication 2018

Size W 19 x H 26 cm

Pages 204 

Paper Matt Coated Paper 90 gsm 

Colour 4c+2c   

Pelangi Publishing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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