Common English Mistakes

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ISBN 9781781870532

Title Common English Mistakes

Type Workbook Secondary

Publisher Dickens Publishing Ltd (UK)


Common English Mistakes is an ideal book for both students and the public at large to improve their grasp of the English language by avoiding the usual mistakes specified in this book. Each section is clearly explained in simple language with sufficient examples to help students improve their mastery of the English language. Moreover, the chapter on pronunciation will help learners to pronounce complicated words properly, as well as learning the differences in pronunciation between British and American English. This book has been formulated in such a way that it will aid its readers in polishing up their written as well as spoken English and enhance their confidence in day-to-day interactions, presentations and communication as a whole. 

  • Vocabulary
  • Context
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Varied exercises
  • Clear & concise notes
  • Complete Answers


  • Mistakes in the Use of Prepositions
  • Mistakes in the Use of the Verb Be
  • Mistakes Because of the Use of Unnecessary Words
  • Mistakes in the Use of Verbs
  • Mistakes in the Use of Adverbs
  • Mistakes in the Use of Adjectives
  • Mistakes in the Use of Pronouns
  • Mistakes in the Use of Articles
  • Mistakes in the Use of Tenses
  • Mistakes in the Use of Nouns
  • Mistakes in the Use of Modals
  • Mistakes in Sentence Structure
  • Mistakes in the Use of Words to Show Likely, Unlikely and Impossible Conditions
  • Possessive Determiners (Possessive Adjectives) and Gerunds
  • Mistakes because of the Confusion between Present Participles and Gerunds
  • Mistakes in Identifying the Various Parts of Speech
  • Mistakes in the Construction of Phrases
  • Mistakes in the Construction of Clauses
  • Mistakes in Punctuating Defining and Non-defining Relative Clauses
  • Mistakes because items in a list are not of the same type
  • Mistakes in the Use of Possessives
  • Some time, Sometime
  • Mistakes in the use of Due to and Owing to
  • Mistakes when giving the meanings of words
  • Mistakes because of mother tongue interference
  • Mistakes when reporting what one has read or heard
  • Mistakes in changing active voice to passive voice and vice versa
  • Assorted Mistakes
  • Mistakes in Pronunciation
  • Answers

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