Phonics Picture Dictionary

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ISBN 9789830003313

Title Phonics Picture Dictionary


  • Phonics Picture Dictionary is a pictorial phonics word book specially designed for children to increase their English vocabulary in an easy and interesting way. Children learn to associate printed letters with the speech sound each word represents. Mastering phonics will enable children to learn to read quickly and with confidence.
  • Parents and teachers will find this book a useful guide in teaching their children to read as well as to expand their vocabulary. Help your child to recognise the sounds of the letters or letter groups and teach him/her how to join the sounds together. More words are given in the margins to enable children to have further practice in reading words correctly. Being able to pronounce the words correctly will help children acquire confidence and enhance their interest in reading. Once a child knows how to read, he/she can become an independent reader.
  • Teach the children that phonics does have its limitations. Teach them the rules and the exceptions as well, so that they can deal with irregular words. Do not over-emphasise phonics instruction as it can impair children’s reading interests and efficiency. Always include sight reading, the whole-word approach, for children to progress towards independent reading. Helping your child to read can be an exciting shared adventure, so give him/her a head start by giving him/her a chance to learn phonics.

Age 5+

Type Phonics Dictionary

Language English

Product Dimensions  210mm x 300mm

Page 64

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