Basic Grammar Workbook 6

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ISBN 9789811148262

Title Basic Grammar Workbook 6

Type Workbook Primary

Publisher Praxis Publishing Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Basic Grammar Workbook series is a collection of six full-colour hands-on graded

topic-based workbooks for effective learning. The array of 100 exercises helps learners familiarise themselves with the basic rules of English grammar with ease and confidence.

- Graded and topic-based exercises that strengthen understanding of specific grammar items based on different levels of language competency

- Complete answers for easy reference and self-assessment

- Varied questions with selected illustrations that provide drills on analytical answering and image-text association skills






Tenses and concord

Year of Publication -

Size W 20 x H 27 cm

Weight - g

Pages 128

Paper - gsm 

Colour 4c

Pelangi Publishing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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