Excel In English - Master Editing Book 1

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ISBN 9789811405402

Title Master Editing Book 1

Series Excel in English

Type Workbook Primary

Publisher Praxis Publishing Singapore Pte. Ltd.


The Master Editing series is published on the understanding that the tips and the exercises in the eight graded workbooks will help students learn the editing skill of identifying and correcting errors, which is an important part of the learning of a language, especially the writing process. Each workbook is divided into four parts that provide practice on reviewing the four elements of good writing: grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence order. These elements are the backbone of a language that a learner or a user must understand in order to write effectively and accurately. Writing effectively means the ability to express clearly what one thinks, feels or wants. Writing accurately means the absence of errors that will hinder understanding of meaning.

Each workbook features: 

  • Part A - Editing Grammar (Practice on parts of speech) 
  • Part B - Editing Spelling (Practice on accurate spelling) 
  • Part C - Editing Punctuation (Practice on basic punctuation) 
  • Part D - Editing Sentence Order (Practice on sentence and sequencing)

Workbook 1 and Workbook 2 (Elementary Level)

  • CEFR Level: Pre-A1 & A1 Low
  • Cambridge English YLE: Starter

Workbook 3 and Workbook 4 (Intermediate Level 1)

  • CEFR Level: A1 Middle & High
  • Cambridge English YLE: Movers

Workbook 5 and Workbook 6 (Intermediate Level 2)

  • CEFR Level: A2 Low & Middle
  • Cambridge English YLE: Movers

Workbook 7 and Workbook 8 (Advanced Level)

  • CEFR Level: Revise A2 & A2 High
  • Cambridge English YLE: Flyers

Extra: Additional learning materials that help enrich student's knowledge of English are available online at: http://www.praxispublishing.sg/resources.html


  • Editing Grammar
  • Editing Spelling
  • Editing Punctuation
  • Editing Sentence Order
  • Guided Exercises
  • Unguided Exercises
  • Commonly Misspelled Words
  • Answers

Size 190 mm x 260 mm

Pages 72

Paper 80gsm 

Colour 2c

Pelangi Publishing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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