Model Compositions for Primary 6

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ISBN 9789810786816

Title Model Compositions for Primary 6

Type Workbook Primary


  • Model Compositions for Primary 6 is written with young learners in mind and to expose them to writing in a very friendly and enjoyable manner by sharing with them what is close to their hearts. As such, the composition examples in the book are carefully planned and thought out based on understanding how a young mind learns, thinks and feels. The theme for each writing piece is drawn from the experiences, thoughts, ideas and feelings of young learners, and the themes presented in different writing styles are very relevant to school tests or exams.
  • The book has a total of 150 Model Compositions. The reader also gets to enjoy a bonus of Poetry. Useful and handy Appendices are also included to help young learners build a stronger vocabulary.
  • The theme for each topic is creatively and explicitly explained in simple language enriched with vivid imagery to stir up any young learner's imagination. Each written piece also subtly carries the underlying values for character building. For language development, young learners can pick up useful phrases or words and use them in their own context.


  • Events
  • Characters
  • Places
  • Feelings
  • Crime
  • A Mixture of Stories
  • Family and Family Events
  • Travels and Interesting Facts and Stories
  • Science Fiction, Technology and the Future
  • Poems

Year of Publication 2014

Size W 15 x H 21 cm

Pages 188

Colour 1c


  • Illustrated Poetry
  • Informative Appendices

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