Focus SPM Mathematics

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SBN 9789672779490 (9789672930419 Old ISBN)

Title Focus SPM Mathematics

Type Textbook Mathayom 4-6

Key Features 

  • Intensive Revision Forms 1-3 provides objective and subjective questions of selected chapters in the syllabus of Mathematics Forms 1-3.
  • Maths Gallery provides important notes and impressive diagrams of each chapter for students.
  • Keywords lists out the important mathematical terminologies of each chapter in bilingual.
  • Focus SPM highlights the important formulae of each chapter.
  • FAQ SPM provides insight into the types of questions that appeared in the SPM examination.
  • Example provides detailed working out of solutions to sample questions under each subtopic.
  • Focus Tips points out important tips for students to take note.
  • QR code video e-learning resource
  • Checkpoint evaluates students' understanding of concepts and ability to answer questions under each subtopic.
  • Focus Message provides extra information related to the topics.
  • Calculator Corner shows detailed steps in the use of scientific calculator to solve problems under relevant subtopics.
  • Common Mistakes points out the common mistakes that students might make and gives corrections for the mistakes.
  • Concept Map provides a handy overview of the entire chapter.
  • What you have learnt...consists of a check list of learning objectives.
  • SPM Practice provides questions for students to practice answering in order to test their mastery of the chapter.
  • Forms 1-4 Assessment Paper, SPM Model Paper, SPM Forecast Paper help students practice answering SPM-style Mathematics examination questions.
  • Answers helps students to evaluate their mastery of the topics.
  • fully worked solutions for SPM Forecast Questions
  • SPM Forecast provide practices of exam-oriented questions.


  • Intensive Revision Forms 1-3
  • Standard Form
  • Quadratic Expressions and Equations
  • Sets
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • The Straight Line
  • Statistics III
  • Probability I
  • Circles III
  • Trigonometry II
  • Angles of Elevation and Depression
  • Lines and Planes in 3-Dimensions
  • Assessment Paper
  • Number Bases
  • Graphs of Functions II
  • Transformations III
  • Matrices
  • Variations
  • Gradient and Area Under a Graph
  • Probability II
  • Bearing
  • Earth as a Sphere
  • Plans and Elevations
  • SPM Model Paper
  • SPM Forecast Paper
  • Answers

Year of Publication 2021

Size W 19 x H 26 cm

Pages 552

Paper 60gsm 

Colour 16 x 4c, 536 x 2c

Pelangi Publishing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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