Reading and Handwriting Workbook Primary 2

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ISBN 9789811105814

Title Reading and Handwriting Workbook Primary 2

Type Workbook Primary


  • Contents based on the latest Primary English Syllabus issues by the MOE, Singapore
  • Reading passages that help develop reading skills and increase vocabulary at different levels of language competence
  • Writing practices on lined pages that help develop skills in forming upper-case and lower-case versions of letters with the correct stroke sequence
  • Comprehension practice questions that hone skill in understanding texts and tracking comprehension questions
  • Fun activities that add fun to the learning process and help develop creative thinking skill

Key Features

  • Explanatory notes on the purpose of the workbook.
  • A selected passage with a full-colour illustration.
  • A lined page for handwriting practice.
  • A fun activity that stimulates interest.
  • Questions that develop comprehension and answering skills.
  • A clear guide to the proper ways of forming letters.


  • Let’s Read Good Neighbours
  • Fun Activity Feelings Game
  • Let’s Read A Day in School
  • Fun Activity Draw the face
  • Let’s Read Singing Lina
  • Fun Activity How the animals sing
  • Let’s Read A Jewelied Night
  • Fun Activity Count the shapes
  • Let’s Read Go Green!
  • Fun Activity Recycle
  • Let’s Read A Parade
  • Fun Activity Guess why they are celebrating
  • Let’s Read Up and Away
  • Fun Activity What You Should Do as a Good Citizen
  • Let’s Read A Robot Friend
  • Fun Activity What colours are they?
  • Let’s Read Saily’s Surprise!
  • Fun Activity School Bag Bingo
  • Let’s Read The Flamingo
  • Fun Activity Sudden feelings
  • Let’s Read Good Neighbours
  • Fun Activity Food The Five Senses
  • Let’s Happy Henry
  • Fun Activity Be My Cupcake!
  • Let’s Read Just Try
  • Fun Activity Treasure Hunt
  • Let’s Read The Magic Spoon
  • Fun Activity What is there in the fridge?

Size W 22 x H 31 cm

Pages 60

Colour 4c

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