Exploring Grammar Step By Step Book 3

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ISBN 9789811712227

Title Exploring Grammar Step By Step Book 3

Type Workbook Primary


Exploring Grammar Step by Step is a series of multi-level English grammar workbooks for young learners. The series combines informative content that strongly focuses on grammar and vocabulary within an easy-to-understand structure. Each of the workbooks is written to suit the learning needs of a specific age group and ability range. From the early level to the upper level, language skills are developed and practised through clear vocabulary and point-by-point grammar presentations as well as graded exercises. 

  • Grammar Tips
  • Grammar Exercises
  • Common Errors
  • A series based on different age levels of our young learners!

Each lesson in the workbook provides:

  • Explanations on the grammar item taught
  • Exercises for the specific age level
  • Straightforward example sentences
  • Examples of common grammatical errors


  • Uncountable / Countable Nouns
  • Can
  • Like
  • But
  • This / That, These / Those
  • Or
  • Don't / Please don't Don't be / Please be
  • Me, You, Him, Her, It, Us, Them
  • Too
  • Adjectives - Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Our, Your, Their, Its
  • Some, Any, No, Many, A lot of
  • Some, Any. No, Much, A lot of
  • Is / Are there…?
  • There is / aren't... There isn’t / aren’t...
  • May I…? 
  • A teacher, A doctor, etc.
  • Has / Have Am / Is / Are
  • Comparison of Adjectives
  • Here is... / Here are...
  • Here / There it is. Here / There they are.
  • The Simple Present Tense
  • What is the time?
  • Was, Were
  • Very
  • Poems
  • Answers

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Pages 64

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Publisher Praxis Publishing Singapore Pte. Ltd.

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